F a c i l i t i e s


Vila Zana offers its guests exclusive services which will make their stay a unique experience

During the day, before lunch and dinner, our guests can enjoy some of the dishes from our rich menu, together with their favourite drinks. The exclusive service at Vila Zana is also included in the hotel stay. There are many common areas where guests can spend their free time in comfortable and sophisticated facilities.

The space at Vila Zana is filled with greenery which gives a view of a wonderful landscape and makes you feel nature completely. In your free time you can walk and relax with the green colours of nature and feel its wonder.

Lastly, Vila Zana reminds its Guests that they can ask for support and assistance in any moment, to solve any problem thanks to our staff at the front desk.

The details are the little things that fill the space at Vila Zana. They fill the gaps perfectly so that you will not miss a single detail.


Vila Zana ensures its guest a 24 hour assistance for every emergency or need which requires support from our staff.

front desk

Our hotel offers customers the opportunity to use a coded safe, so they can feel safe about their valuable belongings!

the safe

Plenty of parking space for all our customers. Secure free parking space for your vehicles close to the hotel and restaurant!


Our guests can find a large variety of delicious and excellent products every day, arranged in an attractive and original way.

the bouffe

  • Position

    Attractive, green and life-giving place that everyone would love to experience!

  • Spa

    A reinvigorating experience to relieve stress, negative energy and highlight the beauty of zour soul.

R o o m C a s a b l a n c a

Combination of antiquity elegance and passion!

R o o m B e r a t

1001 windows for 1001 nights!