T e r r a c e


A good day starts with a good breakfast in a panoramic place!
That’s where it all starts …

The wonderful panoramic terrace, where restaurant Vila Zana is located, is perfect for the hot summer days. The interior space is decorated with live-giving view, complementing the hotel offers and finding an ideal location that will give you unforgettable moments.

meeting place

We focus the importance of your meetings on hospitality and privacy. We are focused on providing the perfect environment for your meetings with appropriate comfort for all types of guests.


Fascinating terrace with a special view that you will like it during your stay.


You are given the opportunity to enjoy nature and enjoy food prepared by our chefs!

  • Restaurant

    The beauty and taste will awaken all your senses at Vila Zana.

  • Cousine

    International selection, traditional inspiration!

  • Pizzeria

    At Vila Zana, wake and explore with all your senses!

R o o m F i r e n z e

A space surrounded by walls, but opened to fantasy!