R e s t a u r a n t


The traditional colors and scents are the main ingredients of our kitchen!
Authentic taste ...

Our cuisine is important in welcoming our guests. We treat them in the best possible way by fulfilling every request from our cuisine!

For this reason, Vila Zana makes a good use of the experience and cooperation of professional and different chefs, who are able to follow the latest culinary tastes, without forgetting tradition. The same elements that distinguish our tradition are the basic ingredients of the dishes that make our cuisine famous. These excellent ingredients and land products, transformed and processed by the skilful hands of our chefs, make you try new pleasing experiences.

Ünal Yalçın

“The opportunity of having different experiences has been very important to my work because I had the opportunity to try all aspects of cooking.”.

I started working early in cuisines to learn about the newest and most interesting instruments and techniques to put them together in a dish, giving a fresh and modern touch to our traditional dishes.

Our cuisine responds to all your requirements, regardless of the season!

The wonderful panoramic terrace, where restaurant Vila Zana is located, is perfect for the hot summer days. The interior space is decorated with some vivid photos, complementing the hotel offers in finding an ideal location that will make your most important moments unforgettable.


It is the art of cooking and the love that make the food so delicious, together with the experience and dedication as an integral part. Vila Zana, in combination with these elements and fresh products, allows you to enjoy different and demanded flavours.


A wonderful window in nature with a wide glass including the most beautiful work of art: the landscape. The indoor space, where food is served, is the perfect place for breakfast during winter, with a nice view for all our guests.


A comfortable place where you will find whatever you want to taste. Fresh food will be at your service every day to satisfy your taste and to be served in a perfect way!

  • Tarraca

    Wonderful panoramic terrace.

  • Cousine

    International selection, traditional inspiration!

  • Pizzeria

    At Vila Zana, wake and explore with all your senses!

C a s a b l a n c a

Combination of antiquity elegance and passion!